Welcome To My Home

Wherever you live, and whatever style home you have, it should be a place that reflects who you are and where you want to be.

If you live in a country setting, woodland area, or in a rustic cabin, you can create an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, and friendship. A simple wooden or metal “Greetings” sign by your main entrance will let others know that you welcome their visit and are extending a hand of friendship. Adding a “nature” theme to your sign gives it personalization and is fun. A bear, fish, or deer will lend a real “rustic” feeling to your doorway. If your hobby is camping, or backpacking, add a theme to reflect your interests - make it truly “your” greeting. A welcome sign of any kind creates an atmosphere of good-will to people who come by.

If you live in a city, town, or village, you still can add an entrance decoration that lends itself to your interests, hobbies, or lifestyle. Rugged, dainty, elegant, country, homey, or business-like, whatever your choice, this is the first impression someone will see. It will give them an instant first glimpse into who you are. Remember the old adage that first impressions are the important ones. Give some thought to your sign and let it paint a simple picture. As individual as your signature is, your sign should also be personal and reflective of your personality and lifestyle.

Furnishings also should be stamped with your personal touch. They can be simple, exotic, or handed down from previous generations. Whatever your taste in furniture, let it be comfortable and friendly. If you give an impression of “Don’t Touch”, people will not want to stay. They may admire, but they won’t visit. If you have valuables, place them in curio cabinets, on shelves, or in unique places where they will come to no harm, but others may still enjoy seeing them.

Accent touches lend so much to our homes. Pillows, pictures, quilts, flowers, and so on give color, texture, and speak for the people who live in this house. Bathrooms should not be an afterthought. We do spend some of our time in these usually small rooms, and sometimes they are employed as places to relax and hide from the world. Decorate them with everyone in mind. Gear the accessories to everyone. Choose some rugged and handsome and other pretty, and feminine. If there are children, adding a whimsical touch here or there gives a child the feeling that it is their home too and they are an important, contributing resident.

Color is the most fun to work with. You can change it inexpensively and you can mix and match. Add seasonal favorites or holiday hues. Nature colors are beautiful and interesting, but favorite colors should be a major part of your scheme. Compromise always lends itself to peace on the homefront. If you choose the main color, let others pick the secondary colors. This way, however you decorate, it will be a true reflection of everyone and not only one person’s choices.

It really doesn’t matter how big or small your home is. It’s of no real importance if you own, rent, or live with family or friends. What is paramount is that your home is you and whoever else you may share it with. If everyone contributes and has a say then it becomes a “family” home. If we lend ourselves to sharing our lives with grandparents and the treasures they give us, we give a definite feeling of continuity with their presence or their possessions. We also show pride in our heritage and backgrounds. Books, paintings, needlework, pottery, or whatever is important to you, display it proudly and let others admire and enjoy it. Keeping special items hidden will keep their beauty and special thoughts under wraps. Even a small child can appreciate texture, color, and he/she can take delight in “pretty” things or treasured objects.

Decorating where we live is really an extension of who we are. Give it some thought and go with what is comfortable for you and your family. Rearranging, redecorating, or just adding and subtracting items makes our home fun, functional, enjoyable, and a pleasure to come back to. Guests will also feel more comfortable and at ease when they visit. They won’t feel that everything around them is untouchable and breakable. They will feel better, you will feel proud, and everyone can concentrate on great conversation, foodHealth Fitness Articles, and other neighborly pursuits.

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Five String Electric Bass

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The Ten Misconceptions of Success

Is it time for you to change your attitude about success? Maybe…

I’ve found in much of my work with people on creating a better, more positive attitude towards life that many of us have a misunderstanding about success and what makes us successful.

Here are the ten most common misconceptions people have about success and some thoughts about those misconceptions.

#. Some people can’t be successful because of their background, education, etc.

Anybody can be successful. It’s a matter of wanting to, then doing what it takes to achieve it.

#. Successful people don’t make mistakes.

Successful people make mistakes just like we all do. They just don’t repeat them.

#. You’ve got to work 60 (70, 80, 90…) hours a week to be successful.

It’s not a matter of doing A LOT of something. It’s more about doing the right thing.

#. You’ll only be a success if you play by the rules.

Who makes up the rules anyway? Each situation is different. Sometimes following the rules is needed, other times making up your own rules is what’s required.

#. If you have help along the way, it’s not success.

Success rarely occurs in a vacuum. Recognize the people who help you become successful, there are plenty of them.

#. It takes a lot of luck to be successful.

It takes some luck to be successful, sure. It takes a lot more hard work, diligence, knowledge, and application.

#. It’s only success if you make a lot of money.

Money is just one of many benefits to success, but it’s not guaranteed.

#. It’s only success if everybody knows it.

You may get more money and more accolades the more people know about what you’ve done. But, even if you were the only one who knew it, you’d still be a success.

#. Success is a goal.

Success is more what you get when you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Saying that you “want to be a success” begs the question: “At what?”

#. Once I’m successful, my troubles are over.

You may be successful, but you’re not God. You’ll still have the ups and downs that you did before. Enjoy what success you achieve and live each day as it comes.

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Fretted Instrument accessories and parts

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How to Get Some Peace and Quiet

In this hectic, modern world of ours there is often a great need for us to slow down, calm ourselves, and find some peace and quiet. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Plan daily “quiet time”

The best way to quiet down is to plan 30-minutes (or more) of daily quiet time. Time you can spend quietly, with yourself and your thoughts.

  1. Create a noise-free zone

Designate one room of your house as a noise-free zone where family members can go relax.

  1. Turn off the television/radio

Do you leave your t.v. or radio on as “background noise?” If so, try turning them off.

  1. Turn off your telephone, especially at night

Nothing is more disturbing than the shrill ring of a telephone when you are trying to relax. Turn off your phone’s ringer. Let the answering machine or voicemail system get a message.

  1. Turn off your cel phone

In fact, leave it at home. After a while you may find that you don’t even need it.

  1. Turn off your beeper

Do you really need to be contactable every minute of every day?

  1. Turn off your computer

Today, we receive as much information in a single day as a person did in an entire year in the early 1900 ‘s. A large portion of that wave of information comes from our daily contact with the computer… so turn it off. Check your email tomorrow. Give your mind a rest.

  1. Get away from the kids, the pets, etc.

Ask a friend or family member to babysit/petsit for you for a day or two. (Then help them get some quiet time and return the favor.)

  1. Take a nap

We are much more sensitive to the stress noise creates when we are lacking sleep. So take a nap and recharge your batteries.

  1. Take a hike!

Literally. If you’re going to surround yourself with noise, then surround yourself with the noise of nature. Reconnect with yourself and with the natural world around youComputer Technology Articles, stroll around your favorite park or recreation area.

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Quality Recording Gear

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Brainpower For The Overwhelmed

Walk into the room and can’t find your keys? Or forget why you entered the room in the first place? Wondering what has happened to your short-term memory? Feel overwhelmed by information, people, to-do lists and demands on your time?

You very well could be suffering from SADD-situational attention deficit disorder, a term coined by Anderson Consulting Institute for Strategic Change. Specifically, most of us are now in situations in which we are bombarded by so many demands for our attention that our brains close down.

It’s a phenomenon of our time. Our brains, evolved over eons to respond to our environment and each other are exponentially being taxed by the growth in information and technology. Everyone and everything is vying for attention. We are hardwired to respond but when it’s deluged like that, the brain just “goes blind”. Engineers discovered this phenomenon when they installed hundreds of communication devices in cockpits, thinking it would improve the pilot’s performance. Instead, when the pilot’s performance decreased.

Information and technology will no go away. But there are ways to turn from “SAAD” to glad.

  • Determine your priorities and focus on them.

Don’t let yourself be pulled into anything from meetings, to readings, to conversations that thwart your priorities. Literally block out space on your daily to-do list for things that are important to you: from projects, to exercise, to family time. Hold these times as sacred.

  • Say “no” to answering every message.

The average American receives 201 phone, paper, and e-mail messages a day. Take care of those that are priority and let the rest drop off. Ignore the messages that are uninvited and unnecessary.

  • Let technology work for you in prioritizing.

Called ID and voice mail can allow you to screen calls. For those who depend upon business coming in via phone and need to take every call, develop a way to shorten incoming sales calls. Telemarketing calls that come in via a computer dial-up have a few seconds of silence before a voice is heard. If that’s the case, just hang up. If you are solicited, ask them to please out your name on the DO NOT call list. And then hang up.

  • Create a centering place.

Whether it is in the silence of your car, or in a shower, or closing your door, take 15 minutes per day to practice paying attention to ONE thing: your breathing, a flower, a fish tank. Like the muscle in our bodies, the brain gets strong I the places where we train it. Focus turns SADD into glad!

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Affordable Used Saxophones For Sale

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How to Ask for the Help You Need

  • Remember, if you don’t make the request, it will NEVER happen.

Wayne Gretzky once said, “One hundred percent of the shots I don’t make don’t go in.” Likewise, the unasked question is never answered.

  • Don’t beat around the bush.

Just ask!

  • If it’s an extraordinary request, say so.

BIG requests are often the best requests. Be 100% upfront and honest about what you want and what’s involved.

  • If the request is work that YOU normally (or should) do, explain why you can’t.

You don’t need to provide tons of detail, but again, be honest with the person you’re making the request of (and with yourself).

  • Don’t assume you know what the answer will be.

Maybe they’ll say “No.” Of course, they might say “Yes.”

  • Recognize that the person can say “No.”

You may not like it, but it will happen from time to time. Accept it and move on.

  • Make one request at a time.

Asking for help, assistance, changes, etc., is fine, but don’t overwhelm a person with multiple requests all at once.

  • Make the request clear and distinct.

If there’s an exact way it needs to be done, let the person know. Give them all the information to make a good decision, but also so they can really do what you need them to do.

  • Trust the person to do the right thing.

If you’ve made your request clear and the person has said that they’ll do itFeature Articles, expect they’ll do it correctly. Don’t follow them around and hound them about it.

  • Say “Thank you.” (Even if they turn you down.)

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Percussion and Sample-Triggering Instrument

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